Top Elephant Safari Tours in India

Top Elephant Safari Tours in India

India is a beautiful country of varied biological diversities in its entire region. To explore the wildlife in its natural settings, safari tours are among the best experiences. However, it can be more cherishing and exciting on an elephant’s back.

Be its thick forests, rugged terrains or deep valleys, elephant safari is a unique way of witnessing the jungle. Riding on the back of these huge friends gives a thrilling never before sight-seeing experience at such close quarters in the safest way.

Here is the list of few very famous best Elephant Safari in India rides one must add to their bucket list.

Jungle Safari Kanha National Park

Who would not have read or seen the “The Jungle Book”? Writer, Rudyard Kipling got the sole inspiration of this masterpiece from this very place. The place situated in Madhya Pradesh has the largest reserve of endangered Bengal tigers. The forest has thick stretches of bamboo and sal trees with high grasslands.

Taking elephant Kanha National Park Safari gives an exotic experience with the highest probability of watching these big cats closest possible. Also one can sight glimpses of Swamp deer (barasingha), Sambhar, Bison, and Chital easily. However, safaris are organized here only from October to June.

Jim Corbett National Park Safari

Elephant Activities at Amer Fort

Jim Corbett, India’s very first national park has a conserved population of tigers, leopards, and elephants. This famous attraction spot of Uttaranchal offers an extremely close view of treasured varied and beautiful flora and fauna.

Split into five zones, the most ideal way to explore unexposed dense forests and sacred wildlife is Corbett National Park Safari tour.

Elephant Safari Kaziranga

Elephant Bathing at Elefanjoy

Situated in the Eastern state of India Assam the Kaziranga National Park is a world heritage site declared by UNESCO. The scenic beauty of the park enclosed by Brahmaputra River is a sight to behold. In evergreen and semi-evergreen forests picturesque landscape, Kaziranga Elephant Safari offers a close view of one-horned rhinoceros. Across the country, Kaziranga is the only habitat of this vulnerable species telling success stories of their conservation.

This park is divided into 4 divisions where other wild animals like otters, deer, buffalo, elephants, wild boar, Indian bison, and leopards can also be sited here. Witnessing all these as elephants safari is a class feeling in itself.

Bandhavgarh Safari

Elephant Feeding at EleFanjoy

This is a popular destination for tourists across the world for being a natural habitat of tigers in India. The Bandhavgarh National Park has the highest density of tigers and never fails its visitors to give the closest glance.

Watching these beats is an exhilarating experience along with Elephant Safari Bandhavgarh in remote areas with a backdrop of Vindhya hills.

Amer Elephant Safari

The fort has many tales of glory, valor and its royal succession associated with it. Tough the world heritage site is not a wildlife safari, but beautifully laid sandstone fort bounded with lush green hill range offers a splendid view.

Alongside there are many more exciting packages available for Jaipur Elephant Ride and safari. One can also choose enticing Nahargarh Elephant Safari in the biological park.

Adding any of these tours will surely add an offbeat dimension to your holiday experience cherished for a lifetime.

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