Top Elephant Sanctuary In India

Top Elephant Sanctuary In India

Interact with Asian Tuskers in Best Elephants Sanctuaries of India

India is home to many rare and unique plants and animal species on this earth making it a beautiful paradise for all nature lovers. But, baring this rich biodiversity by humans has also lead many threats to it. Among many is the encroachment and poaching of these animals was a serious issue. Well now, the conservation of elephants and the need for their welfare have been felt keenly for the past few years. With many conservation policies now everything is back on its track and the country’s geography is dotted as a rise in their natural habitat. All away from the repetitive expedition of city and civilized places, this vacation tries losing yourself into the wilderness. To find out what more on how you can break the monotony by and excavate wild space of these friendly animals in Best Elephant Sanctuary India.

Singhbhum Elephant Sanctuary

Said to be first elephant reserve of India, the Singhbhum elephant reserve of India restores the population of Asiatic elephants in Jharkhand state. Other than best Elephant Safari in India, if you have a few days of break you can stay in the guest house managed by the forest department. Here you get the chance to spot elephants, bear, and deer and if you are fortunate you might also spot tigers from the nearby tiger reserve.

Garo Hills Elephant Reserve

The northeast region of India has sizable elephant population but their often intersection with human habitats create conflicts. Situated in the Meghalaya region, the Garo hills elephant sanctuary offers an incredible experience. However, it is not isolated completely thus you can seize exemplary moments of these tuskers and their bonding with humans. Additionally, getting this Elephant Sanctuary Vacations you get to explore the culture of these community spaces in the sanctuary and know their beliefs.

Jaipur Elephant Village

Surely the city is known for its rich heritage but elephants are resonation of its rich culture. The elephants have been part and parcel of royalty in this region and so has been there preservation. However, more than a few minutes of Elephant Safari in Jaipur you can also stay with rescued tuskers here. The elephant villages of Jaipur city offers you plethora exotic experience of understanding their body language and be stay like a friend with them in serenity all away from the city life. And the best part is these elephants aren’t chained up.

Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation

Prioritizing elephant conservation, the wildlife SOS elephant conservation, and care center is a great initiative taken by the locals of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Though it is a non-profit organization, if elephants melt your heart than visiting this place is a must. Here, injured and abused elephants are brought here and treated. You can have close interactions with the elephants hereby volunteering and caretaking of these incredible animals.

Spending your holidays these ways urges a better understanding of wildlife making a more beneficial impact on their life. So before planning your vacation do consider such option to lead towards a better change.


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