Elephant Feeding in Jaipur

Elephant Feeding in Jaipur

India is a fantastic way to get a life-time experience and dedicate some time in the lap of nature. The country is heading towards advancement and still has cherished the natural experiences there. Elephants are the pride of the nation, and Rajasthan being a residence to Kings and kingdoms, has a special for them. Forts are surrounded by elephants, and the tourists that visit the city will never be disappointed. Experience the most innovative and attractive elephant villages of the city, dedicated to elephant protection. One can learn about basic eating habits, lifestyle and traditional decorations.

Elephant Feeding at EleFanjoy

Elephant Feeding

While a lot of rumors go around that the painting colors used from the elephant painting can harm their skin and have major consequences, it is not so. The mahouts that have served elephants from ages know what is good for them and what isn’t. When it comes to the Jaipur, the majority of the places that undertake elephant painting do it with eco-friendly, sustainable and natural colors that do not affect the animals in any adverse way.

As mentioned, elephant painting can be seen at a lot of places, however, nothing matches the grandeur of the Elephant festival.

A Worldly Experience

Here, the mahaouts enjoy elephants and deal with elephants from birth before and profession later. The families drive and care for generations of elephants. Also, today we have a very different world where everyone has a busy life. Therefore, we have created this activity for people who want to be beautiful and gentle mahout (rider) animals. You will enjoy the biggest but most tender animal in the world. When you learn to nurture, eat, drink and bathe, you have the opportunity to establish your own connection with them. Their individuality will teach you how important it is to contribute to their survival. If you are coming to Jaipur, this a must-do activity!

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