Elephant Painting in Jaipur

Elephant Painting in Jaipur

Elephants are an important part of the Indian society, and in Jaipur, these huge and cute animals are all around the forts of Jaipur, Rajasthan. So, even if one goes by the anecdotes, the animals are essential since then. Elephant painting in Jaipur is a very zestful event and one can experience this life around the forts of Jaipur all year long. However, there is an Elephant Festival which is the biggest event that has a huge number of mahouts (the elephant owner/manager) with their cute beasts ready for the same.

Elephant Painting at EleFanjoy

Eco-friendly Colors

While a lot of rumors go around that the painting colors used from the elephant painting can harm their skin and have major consequences, it is not so. The mahouts that have served elephants from ages know what is good for them and what isn’t. When it comes to the Jaipur, the majority of the places that undertake elephant painting do it with eco-friendly, sustainable and natural colors that do not affect the animals in any adverse way.

As mentioned, elephant painting can be seen at a lot of places, however, nothing matches the grandeur of the Elephant festival.

Elephant Festival- One of Its Kind

The Elephant Festival takes place every year in the Pink City- Jaipur. Held annually This fantastic event takes place on the full moon (Poornima) of Falgun month of the Hindu calendar, which is around February/March of the year. It is celebrated the day before Holi, the most colourful day. Elephants have always been an important part of Indian society. They are also one of the most important parts of religious events, weddings, processions, etc., and historically they are an important part of the battlefield. All of this is done by their mahouts (guards/riders) because they are ready to bathe their elephants. Apart from that, everyone also enjoys the sunshine from celebrations that appear on brocade jackets and royal turbans.

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