Elephant Sanctuary India

Elephant Sanctuary India

Elephant Sanctuary India: An enthralling up-close acquaintance with the largest animal

For all those who think adventure in India means watching tigers or trekking isn’t all, there’s a lot more than this. Visiting elephant sanctuary in India is a quality time experience every visitor should have. From the budget backpackers to lavish spenders, everyone has their priorities and taste to spend time on vacation. But there are always some reasons when spending more and not for luxury is valuable. And among many of them, one good contribution is Elephant Sanctuary. Cruising or enjoying a wholesome breakfast buffet can be a sumptuous time but the ultimate quality time is in real animal interaction.

You all would have seen elephants acting smart and sensible in a circus. But the sad reality is that they are victims and sources to make money. The domesticated and abused or orphaned elephants are rescued and kept in Elephant Sanctuary Jaipur. Across India, there are many elephant sanctuaries where such animals are taken care off.

All different from the commonplace, continue reading on to discover the essence of an elephant’s life in these sanctuaries.

Elephant Sanctuary at Elefanjoy

Stroll Start

Do you know for an Asiatic elephant walking 10kilometeres a day is must for their better health?
You can be their new friend by getting along with them on a long walk on their back. The Elephant Ride In Jaipur with these lovely creatures is one of the pleasing experiences. One can hang out with them in the grasslands or woods and take a close shot of their personality.

Elephant Bathing at Elefanjoy

Bond over Bathing

The Asiatic elephants are the most sensitive and they need a lot of extra care. Summers are too hot for them and winters too cold. So, for the bathing experience, summer is the ideal time to visit Elephant Village Jaipur. To build a bond with them over bathing; just like pet rubs you can brush then and drench them in water, it’s the most fun and loved activity for elephants.
Elephant Feeding at EleFanjoy

Feeding Fun

If you want to be really good friends with an elephant; feed them. Calculated diet plans and limited portions; you all would have done this in your routine. But being with an elephant isn’t same. Their daily diet should be 200kgs which involves grass, sugarcane, bananas, and their fodder. Feeding them is fun because they are just big sized babies. This is the time when you can pamper them in their mood swings and spoil them with their favorite food.
Elephant Painting at EleFanjoy

Painting Pleasure

This is the most valued time because now you have gained their trust and love. Enjoy your time with these magnificent creatures by making them look more beautiful. You can decorate them with skin-friendly colors and make the bond even stronger. At the end when you will look back to these animals, there’s an utter realization that nothing else can be better than taking their care. If you are also interested to come forward to help raise funds for nurturing of elephants then the good news you can find a good of Elephant Sanctuary In India.

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