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Jaipur Village Safari

‘A place is only as good as the people you know in it.’ That is why to say you have truly visited Jaipur, you need to spend some time in the villages of Jaipur. Villages are where the natives of Jaipur have been living for multiple generations. Our Jaipur village safari gives you a rare opportunity to travel to a traditional village in Jaipur.

During the Safari, you can talk to the villagers, learn more about their culture and tradition, eat traditional snacks, and see villagers going about their day-to-day activities. You can watch potters and artisans create magic with their hands. You can also visit farmers nurturing their land and cattle along with kids and women playing and doing their chores in the village.

Cooking classes can be arranged on request in which village ladies will show you how food is cooked traditionally on ‘chulhas’( earthen stoves) and how they use traditional cooking utensils and tools to create sumptuous and delicious meals.
You can roam around the streets on foot or in the jeep, click pictures, and talk with locals for an unforgettable experience of simple village life filled with joy and serenity.

The safari takes about 3 hours, and we offer a pickup from the hotel and drop you back at the hotel. Our tour guide will be there to accompany you and ensure that you don’t face any inconvenience during the trip.