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Welcome to the dreamlike nature trail of elephant safari in Jaipur through the serene ambience. Spending time with these elegant elephants at the Elephant village in Jaipur presents you and your kids soul-soothing experiences for life. You will get the opportunity to observe the Asian elephants in their natural habitat as you walk side-by-side with these gentle giants with real grace. This elephant ride in Jaipur is a guided tour, and you’ll learn about their biology, behaviour, and conservation status of these mammals. Since the elephants are free-roaming creatures, which means your tour guide is also an elephant, so relax and enjoy the mystical beauty of nature without worrying about time.

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Yes, we are all thrilled and would like to try an elephant ride, but we suggest our clients not ride the elephants but walk with them. Walking with Elephants is a superb way to get up close and personal with these charming creatures in the Asian bush. Stroll where the elephants’ stroll, watch them eat, and admire their silent & soft footsteps. You will get the chance to communicate with elephants more and more, and by this, you can show your true love & affection towards them. Why think or rethink, contact us for more information about the elephant village Jaipur walking activity.

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After Covid 19, international flights have been stopped. During this time, all our previous visitors wanted to know about our sanctuary’s elephant Lifestyle during this pandemic. People wanted to see our elephants, how they are spending time, what they are eating, how they are playing, and about their health. Walk exercise about expenses. With this in mind, we hope for the best to start this Virtua Elephant Tours.

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    Elefanjoy Sanctuary- A popular and well-renowned organization of Jaipur, having given its services for more than a decade in Elephants’ field, providing experiences such as backpack Elephant Rides, Elephant Safari, Elephant Care- sharing the knowledge and expertise of our experienced team. Our results symbolize our dedicated hard work towards our organization and elephants’ welfare. We believe in the best care for our elephants and ensure sensitive care is taken for all our elephants. Elephants are extremely sensitive to their environment and ensure that they always feel special and joyous, as the heart resides in each being.

    Elejanjoy was started by yoga trainer Ankit in 2012 to help elephants in Jaipur; Ankit regularly works as a yoga trainer in the morning and the evening and leaves his afternoons available for working with the elephants as a volunteer to provide the best for the elephants. Elejanjoy provides the best services and has been awarded by TripAdvisor for elephant activities in Jaipur. Many copycat companies provide similar activities, but they provide these activities in some private farm houses for profit-making.

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