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Jaipur Heritage Walk for an Enthralling Experience

Get ready to see the authentic and fascinating face of the Pink city of India with us. During the heritage walk, we will show you the unseen and realistic picture of Jaipur that you won’t get anywhere else. Our 3-hour heritage walk takes you through some of the most unique and historically significant places in this royal city! Your host Ankit and some of the most learned tour guides in the city will accompany you on the walk to make it a learning and fun experience. 

Here’s how it goes: (We will arrange pickup from your hotel, so you don’t have to worry about conveyance)

Feel the wind at Hawa Mahal

The Hawa Mahal, or the wind palace, is a stunning architectural marvel in red and pink sandstone with 953 windows or ‘Jharokhas.’ You cannot come to Jaipur and leave without seeing this spectacular monument. You can click pictures, and our guides will share some fantastic stories about Hawa Mahal. 

Shop at the local handicraft markets

Jaipur is known worldwide for its beautiful handicrafts such as Rajasthani puppets, Jaipuri Rajai, Bandhani work clothing, and traditional Rajasthani Jewelry. You can buy them firsthand from the artisans and their families in the Jaipur market. While you are on the streets of this beautiful city, do not forget to relish the delicious street food like Panipuri, Lassi, Pyaz Kachori, and more.

You can also see the wholesale flower market and vegetable market in the city. 

Meet and greet with locals

You will also experience the hospitality of the locals, who would welcome you in a traditional Rajasthani style. You can talk to artists and craft workers to gain insights into some of Rajasthan’s most famous handicraft works and also indulge in learning local arts and cooking styles. Our tour guides will help you understand everything, even with language barriers, as they are fluent in multiple languages worldwide. 

Seek blessings at Govind Dev Ji temple

Rejuvenate your spirit and soul at one of the city’s most renowned and oldest temples with us at Govind dev Ji temple. The temple holds a special place in the hearts of Jaipurities because of its historical significance, architectural aesthetics, and natural beauty. (We will tell you all about the temple’s history and unique stories during the walk) The deity at the temple is Lord Govind Dev Ji, who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Krishna. You can worship at the temple and feel the serenity and peace that floods your body and mind. 

Visit other historical landmarks

The city is full of hidden architectural gems you can see during the walk. The most prominent ones include the oldest city gates, palaces, and Purani Haveli. Our guide will share their insights about the city, the kings, and even various traditions that you can see in the town to help you see the city from a newly enlightened perspective. 

Don’t forget about refreshments

The tour to Jaipur city is incomplete without experiencing some of the most popular delicacies in the city, such as Panipuri, Pakoras, Kulfis, lassi, and other treats from the oldest sweet shop in the town. On tour, you can also see the oldest tea shop and other fantastic food places. (We will provide soft drinks and water throughout the walk to keep you hydrated and energetic)

Why us 

By taking the Jaipur Heritage Walk with Elefanjoy, you get safety, comfort, and excitement all in one! We have the best who can make the whole experience an enriching one. After the walk, we will drop you off at the nearest city center. We will also share our recommendations on some of the must-have experiences and activities in Jaipur with you.