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Bhagwat Gita states, “When you feel the suffering of every living thing in your own heart, that’s consciousness.” At Elefanjoy, we live by this philosophy and ensure no harm to our beloved animals. Elephants are one of the kindest and most loving animals on this earth, and humans have used them for their benefit for thousands of years, letting them live in cruel and negligent conditions. 

That’s why we are aware of people’s conflicting thoughts when they hear about our sanctuary. Lets us assure you that elephants are our ‌priority at the sanctuary, and we go out of the way to ensure that no activities or practices harm them. 

Here’s what we do to keep our elephants happy and healthy. 

  • Regular visits from vets and elephant care specialists to examine our gentle giants. We ensure that none of our elephants are suffering silently from a disease or infection and rely on people who know their body language to keep them healthy. 
  • Do you know ‌an elephant can drink about 200 liters of water daily? Yes, and not having access to clean drinking water at all times can affect their health drastically. That’s why we always keep ample water at the sanctuary for elephants to drink and baths in the summer. 
  • Elephants have enormous appetites and require food at least two times a day. We always have their essential feed, such as sugarcane, hay, and fruits, at the ready. We don’t allow outside food and ensure we meet their dietary requirements. 
  • Would you enjoy walking around with a 50kg iron chain around your legs? It would be impossible. Although elephants can walk with it, it is incredibly tiring and sometimes even painful for them to walk in chains. Hence, we have a strict no-chain policy at our sanctuary. We train all our elephants to follow commands and don’t need sticks or chains to be controlled. We don’t believe in controlling by fear. Instead, we teach them habits with love and patience.
  • We have rescued most of our elephants from circuses and other tourist spots where they were trained with cruelty to do unnatural tricks. We don’t want them to be in that state ever again. So, we don’t encourage parlor tricks or elephants riding in our sanctuary. 

At Elefanjoy, we want to spread awareness and joy through our efforts. We believe all living beings can live together peacefully, and it’s our responsibility as humans to give all animals a safe place to live and grow.  

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