Elephant Activities in Jaipur

Elephant Activities in Jaipur

Elephants have a special place in the heart and mind of Jaipur, Rajasthan. The pink city has been kind to the animal since the very beginning, and they are till date treated with all the love and royalty. Here are some elephant activities in Jaipur.
Elephant Sanctuary at Elefanjoy


Enjoy riding an elephant through the area around our farmhouse. Spend time with elephants and enjoy the nature around you. In this package, we provide you elephants to ride with our trained mahouts, who will accompany you on your journey and make your trip extraordinary.
Elephant Painting at EleFanjoy


Learn how to take pictures with Elephant. Take a brush and color and show the artist that is hidden in you. And if you’re not a great artist, don’t worry about helping us make your images great. Drawing is also great art, so don’t miss it. Elephants will like it too. We use 100% natural dyes that are truly non-toxic and harmless. So don’t worry about elephants, it won’t hurt them.
Elephant Feeding at EleFanjoy


Who doesn’t like food? Like us, elephants like to eat various types of food. Take the time to feed the elephants, this elephant activity, which was predicted by Indian culture for the benefit of KARMA, because elephants are symbols of God in Indian culture. Feeding is the simplest and most fun way to make elephants happy and to strengthen their trust in them. We provide bananas to feed elephants. Elephants love bananas and will fall in love if you feed them with your love. We also hope to take a step forward to make new friends and feed our elephants.

Apart from these, there is trunk climbing, elephant safari, elephant washing and many other activities that will make you feel closer to the animal. If you are an elephant lover, Jaipur is the best place for you to explore the love and nurture the relationship between you and the cute giant.

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