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Sunrise Yoga With us 

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that helps you connect with your body, mind, and soul. And what better place to practice such an enriching discipline than amid nature?  Join us at YOGA ashram in Jaipur, a beautiful nature-friendly location for Sunrise Yoga. Rejuvenate yourself in the early morning rays of the sun and soothing sounds of nature with us. 

The Sunrise Yoga session starts with introducing yoga and its benefit to your body and mind. It is followed by Surya namaskar, pranayam stretching, and a meditation yoga lesson. About 100 people can participate in one session easily. 

Followed by the Sunrise Yoga class is a sumptuous and healthy breakfast to energize you for the rest of the day. You can also get ready at the ashram and go sightseeing directly from the Ashram rather than return to the hotel. We also provide drop facilities to famous sightseeing places in the city such as the Amber Fort. Or we can drop you at the hotel for a relaxing day. 

Sunrise Yoga itinerary:

  1. Pick up: From the hotel at 5:30 am 
  2. Yoga sessions: The session starts at the Ashram from 06.30 to 07.30 am.
  3. Breakfast: 07.30 to 08.00 am. 
  4. Drop: at the hotel or as per your instructions.