Elephant Safari Jaipur

Elephant Safari Jaipur

Jaipur breathes kings and riches. The city is reminiscent of a royal era with giant fortresses, charming palaces and enormous lifestyle. It will definitely be a great experience to remember for years. Every year, hundreds of tourists flock to Amber Fort just for this great trip. The beauty of these animals, stored in royal colors, will surely betray you. These adorable animals also show a great mixture of colorful flowers that are very beautiful. This joyous journey takes you to the entrance of Amber Fort, up a steep slope. This is definitely a trip worth the price.
Elephant Sanctuary at Elefanjoy

Elephant Safari in Amer Fort

The elephant ride up the steep hill starts in the parking lot and ends in the Amber Fort courtyard. The total travel time is estimated to be around 20 to 30 minutes. Travel time varies from elephant to elephant and also from traffic. The cost of riding an elephant up the hill is around INR 1000 for two people. You can enjoy the sunset while sitting behind the elephant. This hypnotic appearance will captivate your senses and give you an introduction from the kingdom that you can try. The Rajasthan government carries out regular inspections to ensure the safety and welfare of these animals. This check is carried out to ensure safety and reduce cruelty to animals.
Elephant Activities at Amer Fort

Why Elephant Safari?

Elephant safaris begin at the bottom of the hill and take you happily up the hill to Amber Fort. Why do people prefer to walk elephants in Jaipur because you have enough time to experience the beautiful and giant architecture and the great wealth of Amber Fort. . You will be mesmerized by its large portals, towering arches, and colossal palaces.

If you feel this is not enough to satisfy your hike, you might want to take a walk and explore around Amber Fort, such as Jaigarh Fort, the Sun Gate and more. In addition, you can enjoy other activities, such as bathing and eating elephants, which are fun activities. If this is none of your business, you can always enlighten your inner artist and paint your life’s dreams with this elephant.

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